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Journalism Scrapbook
Samples of journalism work

Indigenous Affairs

The five part Narrogin series
  Part 1: The simmering family feud in a WA town
  Part 2: The family feud that made national headlines
  Part 3: Hatred and retribution after gunfire in town
  Part 4: Race relations in WA - is Narrogin a redneck town?
  Part 5: Money, power and uncertainty in a disadvantaged town
Published in Crikey, March - April, 2010
Closing the Gap, or making it wider?
  Putting a value on Indigenous Jobs
Published in The Conversation, May 18, 2012
Postcard from the KimberleyPublished by Quadrant, July 2009
Times change for CDEPsPublished by Crikey, July 2009
Movement at the StationPublished by Crikey, July 2008

Sustainability Stories

Armadale: Ecology-driven developmentPublished by ETN in 2007
Martogg: Cradle to CradlePublished by ETN in 2007
Amcor: Packing light for the futurePublished by ETN in 2007
Pacia: Rethinking the futurePublished by ETN in 2007
Richard Boele: Keeping your enemies closerPublished by EMN in 2006

Remarkable People

1 ~ Fiona Horne ~ Sexy SpiritualityPublished in Vital Magazine June 2003
2 ~ Life’s Beauty & the Legacy of David MackenziePublished in Vital Magazine Dec. 2002
3 ~ Grahame Gavin ~ Barking up the Right TreePublished in The West Australian April 29, 2000
4 ~ Michael Dillon ~ Changing AttitudesPublished in The West Australian Feb 5, 2000
5 ~ John Wood ~ From Caravans to ContentmentPublished in The West Australian Nov 27, 1999
6 ~ John Aitken ~ Staging ReflectionsPublished in The West Australian Sept 18, 1999

Miscellaneous Others

Australian media only tells half the story about West PapuaPublished in The Conversation, December 14 2012
Wests a world apart in bloody bid for freedomPublished in The West Australian, January 24, 2012
Lombok: Our promise to say nothing Published in The Drum, ABC Online, January 11, 2012
Undermining and underpaying "local reporters"Published in The Drum, ABC Online, December 12, 2011
Enough porkies: When will the stalling in WA be over?Published in Crikey, April 14, 2011
The Sunday Times Raid: Story OnePublished by Crikey, May 2, 2008
The Sunday Times Raid: Story TwoPublished by Crikey, May 7, 2008
The Windschuttle HoaxPublished by Quadrant, March 2009
City Farm ~ Paradise ReclaimedThe West Magazine January 15, 2000
Voodoo ~ The Last Taboo?Published in Vital Magazine June 2003