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~ A Brief Biography

Here’s a few snippets about me:

I was trained as a journalist through a cadetship on The West Australian.
My first journalistic specialty was animals, closely followed by finance.
At 21, I was the youngest scriptwriter ever employed by Visnews Ltd, London.
At 24, as editor of The Wanneroo News, in suburban Perth, I exposed local council shenanigans that later became the subject of a Royal Commission.
At 28, I completed a BA Psychology with honours after researching adolescent motivation for amphetamine use.
At 33, I was editor of Perth Woman Magazine, and by 35 I was editor in chief of the company’s stable of seven publications.
At 37, I completed a Masters Degree delving into the psychological richness of the Persephone and Narcissus myths.

After that I moved into academia, did a PhD and I am now a senior lecturer in journalism at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia. I edit a news service called 3rd Degree, that my students write, and an academic journal called Research Journalism.

I am still doing journalism and in recent years I have focused on longform journalism about sustainability and Indigenous policy.

Other bits and bobs I’ve done along the way include:

Eight months in 2006 as editor of
Two years as weekend supervisor at Palmerston Farm Drug Rehab
Six months as an emergency counsellor with the Perth Sexual Assault Referral Centre
A year as art therapist at Perth’s Cancer Support Association
Three terms of teaching art at an alternative high school
And half a year of teaching playgroup at a Steiner school

If you want to contact me about anything on this site you’ll find me in the Edith Cowan University staff directory.

All the best,